Dashnex Powertech Lifetime Hosting License + Ecom Store


Almost 20,000 Digital Entrepreneurs have claimed our $17 Lifetime Hosting License – and they’ll never have to pay for hosting, maintenance, security, or backups again!

But now that our platform has grown so much, we won’t be offering the $17 price much longer…

We’ll be continuing to offer our members new features and benefits…

…and making Dashnex Powertech the best way to build and launch a website.

While Shopify, Wix, BlueHost, HostGator, Squarespace and others are charging fees EVERY MONTH…

…and sometimes up to hundreds of dollars per month…

…DashNex customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they’ll never have to pay us again.

With DashNex PowerTech, you can:

 Launch and host a fully featured eCommerce store
 Launch and host a fully-featured website (or sales page, opt-in page, service page or any other marketing page)
 Sell unlimited products from your eCom store
 ZERO processing fees
 Drive unlimited traffic and collect unlimited leads
 Maximize conversions, AOV, and results.
 And many more incredible features to supercharge your online business.

Hosting, maintenance, security, and automatic backups are all included!

(Try finding that with ANY other platform)

You’ve already seen our offer – but now is the time to take action!

We’ll be done with the $17 Lifetime License offer very soon…

…but if you sign up now, you can still grab that deal.

Even if you’re not quite ready to build your website – it still makes sense to act now…

…and have the full power of DashNex at your fingers when you’re ready to launch!


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